If you want to sort your Content Items in the Channel by File Size to easily find the smallest or biggest images you can add the File Size as Sort.

\uD83D\uDCD8 Instructions

Follow these steps to add the file size as sorting to a channel.

  1. Open Schemas > Files > File (/schemas/file-types/FileMetadata)

    1. Scroll to Fields

    2. Edit the field: FileSizeInBytes 

    3. Change the field setting “Sortable” in General

      The general settings of the field File Size in File Metadata.

  2. Open Settings > Channel

    1. Select your desired channel

    2. Scroll to sort fields

    3. Add fileMetadata.fileSizeInBytes

      Add sortable fields as sort fields to a channel.

You can add various system fields as sort criteria. When you update the setting “sortable” you will be able to add them as a sort field to any channel.

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