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Business Rule: Setup Auto-Tagging

Content Platform supports AI auto tagging using Azure. The configured output of an image is sent to Azure for AI tagging. Tags are written into the Image Analytics Layer which will appear in the Detail view of images in your Picturepark Content Platform.

Business Rule “Enqueue Tagging”

The below Business Rule is an example where all images that are uploaded are sent to Azure for tagging. In this case the settings for the tagging are only configured in the Cloud Manager.

JSON for Business Rule "Enqueue Tagging"
	"kind": "BusinessRuleConfigurable",
	"condition": {
		"kind": "ContentSchemaCondition",
		"schemaId": "ImageMetadata",
		"traceRefId": null,
		"names": {},
		"description": {}
	"transformationGroups": [],
	"actions": [
			"kind": "EnqueueTaggingAction",
			"options": null,
			"traceRefId": null,
			"names": {
				"en": "tagging",
				"x-default": "tagging"
			"description": {
				"en": "Azure tagging. This also needs to be configured in the Cloud Manager",
				"x-default": "Azure tagging. This also needs to be configured in the Cloud Manager."
	"id": "AzureTagging",
	"triggerPoints": [
			"executionScope": "MainDoc",
			"documentType": "Content",
			"action": "Create"
	"isEnabled": true,
	"names": {
		"en": "Azure tagging",
		"x-default": "Azure tagging"
	"description": {},
	"enableTracing": true

The Azure Tagging Options section in the EnqueueTaggingAction in a configured Business Rule allows you to override the feature flags, language and minimum confidence value threshold configured in the Cloud Manager.

If you like you can take the list of keywords from the Image Analytics layer and compare them to a list of your approved keywords in the Content Platform before assigning matching keywords to a relevant field.

Then you are free to assign the found tags to the tagbox field. In our example the basic information layer keywords tagbox field in our example Picturepark.

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