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Every action in Content Platform is displayed in the notification pane at the bottom, a so-called Toast. There, you can see how your upload, ingest, or edit is progressing. The toast also has icons for additional actions depending on the process running, e.g., a user can cancel an upload or directly edit ingested files. The available actions are always related to the process running in Content Platform, so cancellation might not be available if the process is already finished or does not allow cancellation. Another benefit is that you get notified when you receive a Content Platform share from somebody else.

The notification icon displays how many unread notifications you currently have (up to a maximum of 99), a so-called badge.

After 99 unread notifications, the number will be displayed as 99+.

After the upload (which means your files are now in Content Platform and you can close your browser) Content Platform will directly ingest those files and display them in the Content Browser, which requires e.g., the creation of searchable values. It might take a little longer for the ingest process to finish. 

Create a notification

Create a notification

You can only create notifications (other than the standard system notifications) in the Business Rule menu. Business Rules can produce notifications that will pop up as a toast in the interface, e.g., for new content available or updated content.

Notification toast (Popup)

Notification toast (Popup)

The notification widget displays a maximum of 20 messages, with new notifications always placed on top. To access older messages, open the notifications in the main menu where all notifications are displayed.

You can collapse the notification toast by selecting the collapse arrow icon or the X. Once closed, it will only be reopened when a new notification occurs.

Notification center

Notification center

You access the notification center from the notification toast in the Content Browser by selecting Show all.

Show all to option

The notifications center shows all notifications, sorted chronologically by date descending, per default. Select the icon outlined in red below to change the sort order if required.

The date/time format is taken from the Content Platform date/time format, which currently cannot be configured per customer. There is no search in this area.

Notification state:

  • Unread

  • Read

Notificaton and Event types

Notification type

  • Schema ingest

  • Transfer

  • Share

  • User Registration

  • User Locked

  • User Reviewed

  • Batch-Edit Progress

  • Reindex

  • Statistics export

Event type

  • Success - for example, for a completed ingest.

  • Error - a JSON Schema ingest that is incorrectly created may cause an error, for example.

  • Information - for example, when a new user has registered, or you have received a new share.

  • In progress - for ingests, you can see a progress indicator for how many of the contents have already been ingested and can cancel the ingest if necessary.

  • Warning - a canceled upload will be marked with an event type warning, for example.

  • Pending - this is rarely seen, as it will only appear on the initialization of an event.

Edit import collection in a notification

Edit ingest collection in a notification

Content Platform automatically creates ingest, upload, or edit collections. Content Platform Business Rules can also create collections for new, updated, or changed items - based on the Business Rule configuration.

You find these collections in the Notifications, where you can access the content items ingested together and edit, download, or share/embed them.

Ingest collection in the notification area.

Quick Actions in Notification

Quick Actions in Notification

You can execute quick actions from the notification toast:

  • Edit uploaded and ingested content (outlined in green below)

  • Open share (outlined in red below)

  • Cancel uploads (if the upload is still in progress)

  • Mark all notifications as read (outlined in blue below

In the notification center, you can mark all or only selected notifications as read, and you can deselect all selected notifications.

Content Platform can inform users about unread notifications, so you might get an email if you have unread notifications. You define how often you receive an email in your user profile.

Delete a notification

Delete a notification

You can only update notifications in the Business Rules menu.

Examples of notifications

Examples of notifications

  • When you receive a share.

  • When a new user has registered (if you are part of the built-in super admins' group).

  • When your account has been reviewed/locked/unlocked.

  • When file content items are uploading and once the transfer has been completed.

  • When file content items are ingesting and the ingest has completed.

  • When schemas have been ingested, and the ingest has completed or failed.

  • When a batch edit is in progress/has completed.

  • When a user exports statistics.

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