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User Interface

Picturepark features a browser-based user interface that offers access to all the controls users and administrators need while keeping the most commonly used functions at the fore. The functions available in the interface depend on the connected user's role. Some Pictureparks have additional interfaces, also known as Microsites, that have been designed to meet branding requirements and provide custom functionality. Those interfaces may look completely different. In Picturepark two views are used, whereas functionality available depends on the specific menu a user has opened: the Browser View and the Detail View. Both views share the main menu on the left side.

Browser View

The design grid browser is used as default view for all main menu items e.g. Content Browser to browse contents, List Browser to browse list items. 

Detail View

The design grid item detail is used for all item detail views, meaning when you double-click an item e.g. content or list the item detail design grid is used. 

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