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Main Menu

Both users' interface views share the main menu. The main menu is on the left side. The main menu without additional permissions always contains the following elements: 

  • Logo The logo is displayed in the top left corner. In the collapsed state of the main menu, only the icon is shown. By default, the Picturepark Logo and icon are used, but the Logo can be changed.  

  • Content Items that give access to the Browser. 

  • Settings which only gives access to the system information. Here you find Picturepark Content Platform Version, Customer Id, and Customer Alias, as this information is needed for support requests or integrations. 

  • Help with Link to the Manual, System Information again, Terms, Subscription Information, About Picturepark, and 3rd party licenses. 

  • Language Switch changing the UI language used for e.g buttons and help messages. 

  • Notifications

  • Account page My Profile where you can log out, request cancellation of your account, or change further profile information like your Gravatar,

By clicking the Picturepark icon the menu expands to show the menu icon and name. The menu items available between Content Items and Settings depend on your user role Permissions

Minimalist main menu

Collapsed full menu

Expanded main menu with sub menu items

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