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Item Detail View

The item detail design grid contains the following areas

  1. Item Name (outlined in green below)showing the name of the selected item from the browser, for example, the name of a content item or the name of the list item (configurable via name display pattern

  2. Item Paging (outlined in red below) allowing to page to the next or previous item or close the item detail view

  3. Item Menu (outlined in yellow below) showing direct links to the available panels (5) 

  4. Item Toolbar (outlined in black below) showing direct actions for the whole item. For example, delete an item, share an item, etc. 

  5. Item Panels (outlined in blue below) with corresponding Panel Toolbar, for example:  

  • Metadata with the option to edit metadata or apply new layers

  • Permissions with the option to edit or modify permissions


    Example of the Content Item Detail View

There are several ways to open the detail view: you can double-click on the content, right-click and select the detail view icon, select the content and click on the Details menu item, click on the content and select the view icon, or select the view details icon in the main toolbar. Here, you can make all the changes available to multiple contents to a single content. When opening the content detail view, the first layer (of the applied metadata you have permission to) is always opened so you immediately see what is most relevant, which is usually the first layer. Layers can be reordered on the Virtual Type or File Type schemas under Layers.

The following functions are, however, limited to the content detail view:

  • Replace File allows files of the same file type to be replaced. 

    • It is possible to replace images with images, which means PNG with JPG or JPG with GIF.

    • It is also possible to replace documents with documents, which means PDF with Word or Excel.

    • It is not possible to replace images with documents.

    • It is not possible to replace virtual types with file types. 

  • References

  • Extracted

  • Larger previews/document viewers

The Detail view has the following panels, which are also available via the item menu:


Picturepark creates various Previewsfor your content items. One of these is displayed here. 


This is where (depending on your permissions) you can see and edit the Layers where metadata can be entered.


Here, you can see all the data that Picturepark can read from your file. The fields shown here are the fields that are configured in each File Type.


The activity panel tracks the below on each content item for your information (the user requires Manage content permission to see this panel)

  • created (DateTime)

  • last modified (DateTime)

  • created by (user)

  • last modified by (user)


The content owner always has full rights to the content regardless of the permission sets that are applied.


This is where you can add one or more content permission sets depending on who can access this content item.


If the content item you are in has been referenced in a relationship field in any other content item, then these other content items will be listed here. If you hover over an item, you can open it by clicking the icon.

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