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Business Rule: Trigger assigns Permission Set

Goal: On the execution of a trigger field, a permission set should be assigned to publish the content to other users.


  • Condition: depending on the trigger field’s date changing 

  • Action: assign a specific permission set

Business Rule Setup


The trigger point (check Triggers in Business Rule Settings):

  • Should trigger on content modification -> Action Update

  • We want to modify the Content Item document -> Execution scope Main doc


Goal: Should be executed when the date/time of the trigger field changes

  • Field Value Changed Condition

    • Field Path: publishInformation.publishNow.triggeredOn

    • Expected Value: leave empty

The field "Trigger field" changes when a user triggers it. This changes the trigger's field date and triggered by value. We use the date value in this example, as the same user could trigger twice which would not satisfy our desire to run the rule always the trigger field is triggered. Expected values are e.g. for the required fields. 

You can find additional information on the fieldpath and the trigger field specialties in the explanation of fields in Picturepark. 




Goal: Assign permission set “Published content”

  • Assign Content Permission Sets Action

    • Permission Set Ids: select “Published content” permission set

    • Replace: leave disabled, we don’t want to remove all the other permission set

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