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Business Rule: Copy Metadata

Goal: copy metadata from a migration layer to the correct metadata layer


The trigger point (check Triggers in Business Rule Settings):

  • Should trigger on a content modification -> Action Update

  • We want to modify the document -> Execution scope Main doc


Goal: Should be executed when the date/time of the trigger field changes

  • Field Value Changed Condition

    • Field Path: migrationLayer.copyMetadata.triggeredOn

    • Expected Value: leave empty

You can find additional information on the fieldpath and the trigger field specialties in the explanation of fields in Picturepark. 


  • One transformation group per field to copy

  • Each group:

    • Inputs: $$metadata$$

    • StoreIn: “fieldId”

    • Take Dictionary Value Action

      • key: migrationLayer

    • Take Dictionary Value Action

      • key: “fieldId”


Goal: Assign Layer “Image information” and add metadata

  • Assign Layer Action

    • Layer: Image Information

    • Default values: leave empty

  • Assign Value Action (For each field to copy)

    • Path: imageInformation

    • Field Id: “fieldId”

    • Value: “$fieldId$”

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