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Layer is a group of one or more fields. A Layer contains all metadata of a Content Item, the so-called metadata profile. Examples: Basic Information (title, description), Product Information (product name, family, etc.).

The fields contained in a Layer become available when added to a content item. If the Layer is later removed, the fields it provided (and any assigned values) are also irreversibly removed. By adding and removing fields in Layers, users can define metadata profiles that are unique to each piece of content, and adjust those profiles over time. This is the basis for Adaptive Metadata™.

Layers are very important for the look and feel of your Picturepark in that they determine the structure of your data. Layers and the fields therein are also key for what you would like users to find via the simple search as well as the Channel filters you can create. 

Create a Layer

Create a Layer

  1. Open Schemas

  2. Press + to Create

  3. Select Layer

  4. Select Parent, when creating a child Layer.

  5. Provide name and ID

  6. Save

After Creating the Layer

  1. Add fields to the Layer

  2. Update settings "Available for" so that editors can add the Layer to the content items. 

  3. Add the Layer to content

Add a Layer to Content

Add a Layer to Content

You add a Layer in several ways. 

  • In the Content Item Detail View, in the metadata panel. 

  • In the Batch Editor. 

  • After the upload is finished from the popup.  A prompt allowing users to directly open and work on imported files in the batch editor, once an import has been completed, is displayed. This can be deactivated, if desired, by more proficient users.

Add Default Values for Tagbox

Add Default Values for Tagboxes on a Layer

For tagbox fields on layers, you can define the default values for tagbox. Those values are automatically assigned when the layer is assigned and you create a new tag from within the layer.

The default values are not applied to the Content Item but only used when new List Items are created from within the tagbox.

  • Define “Active employee” as default values for tagbox “Person” on the Layer “Corporate Information”.

    1. Assign Layer “Corporate Information”

    2. Find Tagbox “Person”

    3. Create a new person for the tagbox

    4. See the fields (information) you need to create a new person

      1. “Active employee” is prefilled.

Access Layer in Search or Query Filter

Access Layer in Search or Query Filter

The Layers of a Content Item are saved in a field called:


Therefore you can access Layers via this field in Display Pattern, Query Filters, or searches.



Exact Match




Access Layer in Sidebar Filter

Access Layer in Sidebar Filter

Some default system fields are available for selection in the Filter editor e.g. permissionSetIds or layerSchemaIds or contentSchemaIds.

  1. Open Filters

  2. Add a new Filter

  3. Select Permission/Layers

  4. Save

Video on how to add Layer names as a sidebar filter so users can filter for layers.

Update a Layer with XMP Mappings

Update a Layer with XMP Mappings

  1. Search for the Layer

  2. Open settings and update.

    1. You cannot set a field required!

  3. Save

You cannot add a required field or update a field to be required on a Layer that has XMP mappings

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