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ID (identifier)

The setting "ID" is available for various things in Picturepark e.g. users, fields, schemas, business rules and is the unique Identifier The ID is created automatically from your name entry. Picturepark removes spaces and special characters to ensure that the ID is valid. You use the ID in all technical references to this entity e.g., in display patterns and business rules. This value cannot be changed once set. However, you can remove the whole entity, update the status for content, and list items and re-add the schema or field.

Picturepark will convert your entry always to lowercase, using camel casing for the rest: 

  • Name: "My NeW thingys #1 Purpose?"

  • ID: myNeWThingys1Purpose

Configuration best practice

  • ID's always in English

  • ID's and Name need to be the same or at least the same meaning

  • Schema ID’s in singular e.g. product, event, person for lists.

  • No special characters in ID's

  • No numbers at the beginning of the ID (mediaType2 is correct but not 2MediaType)

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