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File Type

File Types are regular files (images, documents, videos, etc.) grouped into a hierarchy, to give you access to its extracted metadata. Therefore the name of the individual type is e.g. not “image” but “Image Metadata”.  

  1. File (everything that has a file extension)

    1. Audio (e.g., mp3)

    2. Documents (e.g. doc, pdf)

    3. Images (e.g., jpg, png, gif)

    4. Video (e.g., mov, mp4)

    5. Vector (e.g. svg, AI)

Those files are sent to Picturepark data extraction to extract file-specific metadata

  • File: file extension, original file name, file size in bytes, and others.

    • Audio (Audio Streams)

    • Documents (Creator, Publisher, Titles)

    • Images (Color Profile, Color Space, IPTC, Exif)

    • Video (Video Streams, Codec)

    • Vector (EPS, Creator)

You can use file type metadata in Display Pattern, Business Rules, and Filters. You can add indexing settings for metadata schema fields from Exif or Dublin Core here, by updating the field of the corresponding schema.

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