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Search: Search in Metadata and Document Fulltext

You can extend any search to document fulltext and/or metadata. You wish to find all of your companies' literature where a certain product is mentioned or any documents that mention the CEO, then simply add the searchType to the URL as a query string parameter.

 //search in fulltext

Documents contain text. You can do so because Picturepark will read out the text in documents. By default, the simple search in the content browser searches in the metadata and document fulltext. It is possible to change this behavior by appending a query string parameter in the URL. The parameterName is "searchType" and the supported parameter values are:

  • Metadata (only finds hits in Metadata that is available to the search)

  • FullText (only finds values in the FullText)

  • MetadataAndFullText (finds values in both Metadata and Fulltext)

You will not get a hit with an AND search in the simple search if one term is in the Fulltext and one term is in the Metadata. We do not split the terms in the simple search to look through both indexes for partial matches.

//search in fulltext

//search in metadata and fulltext

//search in metadata only (default behavior without search query parameter)

//URL examples

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