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Search: Find Items by Product Codes

You want to find all Items that have the Product Code: F_1000 applied.


  • 1000 finds a product

  • F_1000 finds a product

  • F 1000 does not find a product

The results depend on the Analyzers used. 

A use case for this might be product images in Picturepark and corresponding product numbers are stored in an analyzed string field. The string field contains one or multiple product numbers separated with a comma. Content Items that are product composites contain multiple values and individual product images contain only one product number. We are now looking for product images including composites or press releases that feature products. In this case any product images from the following product numbers: "5684" and "8465" 

CODE"5684" OR"8465"
CODE"5684" OR "8465")

Picturepark will find Content Items where 5684 OR 8465 are found as product number(s) in the text or number field. 

CODE"5684" OR "8465" 
-> this will only search for the first value 5684 and drop the rest

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