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Search: Boost (Uplift) your Search Terms

Finds all contents that are tagged with dogs but are especially interested in large dogs. Use the boost operator ^ in the simple search to make one term more relevant than another e.g. boost large:

large^2 dogs

Apply the boost operator to multiple terms using quotation marks:

"large dogs"^2

Boosting in the search helps you define the relevance of your search term. The boost parameter is used to increase the relative importance (boost above 1) for the term or decrease the relative importance (with a boost between 0 and 1), but the increase or decrease is not linear. In other words, a boost of 2 does not result in double the score.

Things to note:

  • Boosting in a list is for the search in fields while tagging.

  • Boosting in layers is for the content search.

  • The boost values one can set in the Pictuepark are created by Picturepark staff. Please let know if you require additional boost values.

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