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Display Pattern: Trigger


Show the trigger date in your current date format in the Display Pattern to see when the keywords where assigned.

{% if data.autoTagging.assignMatches.triggeredOn %}
  {{data.autoTagging.assignMatches.triggeredOn | local_date: "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S"}}
{% endif %}

Setup in Picturepark

  • Layer: Corporate Information

  • Trigger Field: Assign Matches

    • This field is used for tagging automation, a business rule which uses AI for tag suggestions. This trigger field will assign AI suggestions to the Picturepark keyword field.

Field Value Access


  • access the date when the field was triggered


  • access the users ID of the user who triggered (edited) the field e.g. to check if the user is an appropriate content authority to check the matches

Use Case

A use case would be to show the triggeredOn value as a summary. The trigger field already shows this information in view mode. If you still have this information in the Display Pattern, you can do so and convert the trigger date to your local time using the Liquid Filter local_date.

{% if data.autoTagging.assignMatches.triggeredOn %}
  {{data.autoTagging.assignMatches.triggeredOn | local_date: "%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S"}}
{% endif %}
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