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Display Pattern: Tagbox


Show a list of tags, separated by comma, in the Display Pattern

{{data.corporateInformation.persons | tagbox_list | join: ", "}}

Setup in Picturepark

  • Layer: Corporate Information

  • Tagbox with multiple values: Persons

Field Value Access

data.corporateInformation.persons | tagbox_name | join: ", " 
data.corporateInformation.persons | tagbox_list | join: ", "
data.corporateInformation.person | tagbox_list   (single tagbox)

  • In this case, the underlying List Item values come from the Display Pattern Name and List of the connected List.

  • The Filter "join" is automatically added for multi Tagboxes. 

  • In the Display Pattern of the List, you can use all available attributes. The search considers all those attributes, and users may find it confusing to find a Content Item that does not have the search term visible. 

Use Case

A simple Display Pattern could look like this: 

{{data.corporateInformation.persons | tagbox_list | join: ", "}}

Check also Coding Advice on tags in Display Pattern. 

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