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Business Rule: Assign Number Sequence with Format on Creation of Content Item


A created Number Sequence


The trigger point (check Triggers in Business Rule Settings):

  • Should trigger on a content creation -> Action Create

  • We want to modify the document -> Execution scope Main doc


Goal: All files uploaded or virtual Content Items created in the Content Platform should receive an individual, concurrent ID on creation.

  • Content Schema Condition

    • Schema Id: leave empty


Goal: Assign a Layer “Basic Information” and get the next number from the number sequence and then add that number sequence to the metadata

  • Assign Layer Action

    • Layer: Basic Information

    • Default values: leave empty unless there are required fields.

  • Get Number from Number Sequence Action

    • Number sequence: Select the number sequence you would like to use from the dropdown (you need to create these in advance)

    • Store In: numberSequenceString (or any other variable you would like to use)

  • Assign Value Action

    • Path: basicInformation

    • Field Id: “fieldId” (in this case must be a string field)

    • Value: “$numberSequenceString$”

    • Replace: Yes

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