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Batch Editor: Add two products to all Content Items

Goal: I want to add two products (which are tags) to all Content Items in my selection.

  1. I selected 13 items for batch editing, from which 13 items are editable.

    1. Here you might see that only 10 are editable, which means that 3 items are restricted from editing

  2. Only (3) Content Items have Basic Information applied. I can filter by choosing the filter icon which then only shows the three Content Items. 

    1. Updating in a filtered view will only update the filtered items. 

  3. Only (1) Content Item has Product Information applied. I can filter by choosing the filter icon which then only shows the one Content Item. 

    1. I add the two product tags in the Layer Product Information in the tagbox Products.

  4. In the simplified Content Browser (on the left), I see that now only 12 items are editable. This is because Product Information cannot be applied to one item (in this case a Virtual Item).  

    1. The button next to the tagbox reads "Add" which means that the one item is updated but the one product which was assigned to it, will be kept.

  5. At the bottom, I can save my edits and on the save button I see "Save (12)". The number behind Save shows how many content items are affected (12, out of 13).

    1. Afterward, I see that (12) items - as expected - have Product Information applied. 

Why might items be restricted from editing?

  • You may not have permission to edit the metadata of this item. Your Picturepark administrator can help you here.

  • The content item does not allow the layer to be added. Layers can be restricted to e.g. images only, so you may not be allowed to add the layer to an audio file.

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