Using URL Query String

The filters in the sidebar in the Content Browser and List Browser will add the filter config as query string parameters to the URL.

There you can see an example to then re-use in e.g. tagboxes. ContentBrowser/screenshots?filter=%7B"kind":"AggregationFilter","aggregationName":"product.area._refId","filter":%7B"kind":"NestedFilter","path":"product.area","filter":%7B"kind":"TermFilter","field":"product.area._refId","term":"c03a6edf8195460280de412397739eb0"%7D%7D%7D

  1. Open the Content Browser

  2. Select a filter in the sidebar

  3. Check the URL bar in the browser

Using Chrome Developer Tools

You can open the Developer Tools in the browser, usually by pressing F12 or select "Inspect" in the context menu. 

  1. You can select the desired Filters in the Sidebar. 

  2. In the Developer Tools

    1. Open tab "Network"

    2. Find the just executed "search"

    3. Open "Headers"

    4. Open "Request Payload"

    5. Select "view source"

  3. There you see the Filter

    1. From here you can also copy into the Tagbox.