Picturepark offers a User Guide to first-time users of the system which is available as a PDF.

User Guide (PDF)

We also offer a reduced Admin Guide with basic guidelines for usual editor tasks in Picturepark.

Admin Guide (PDF)

Related Content from the manual

  • My Profile

    In the section My Profile you find logout, reset settings and delete. You see your Avatar (image) if you defined something for your email address on gravatar.com.

  • Add Content

    You can store file-based content like documents, videos, images, and audio. Additionally, to file-based content, you can create file-less content like press kits. You can download everything back to your local desktop, with file-less content being downloaded as JSON files.

  • Share and Embed

    You can share content from within Picturepark directly, enabling CDN (Fastly.com) for faster delivery and distribution. More details on Fastly CDN Delivery for Picturepark Content on the website. You can select metadata when creating a share, to be shared too. This shared metadata is displayed in the share viewer to recipients and others who access it. The Layers selected in the share creation will be displayed as metadata panels. Keywords and tags will be displayed as links with all additional metadata available in the card detail. The number of items shared is visible in the share manager.

  • Find Content
  • Edit Content

    You can open fields and values and test the behavior. There is no autosave. To change values you must press the Save button (bottom right). Edits (updates) are only applied to the Content Items you see. If you plan to edit 50 items, then filter by a Layer so you only see 20 items and then edit - you will only update the visible, filtered 20 items. Only the items you see (resultset) are updated.

  • Create Account

    The Picturepark Content Platform admin interface is not available without a login, so you must register first for the system you want to access on the login page of the corresponding Picturepark e.g., https://demo.picturepark.com.

  • Create Virtual Items
  • Broken Uploads
  • Upload Folders
  • Upload Files
  • Search, Filter, Find - the result set
  • Collections
  • Downloads

    Picturepark generates (renders) static (preconfigured, pre-rendered) and dynamic (on-demand rendered) formats. Both are available in the format selection dialogue which opens up when you download or share.