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Number Compare Condition

The condition Number Compare checks if a specific metadata field contains a number that is less, less or equal, equal, greater, greater or equal to a specific value e.g. Check weather the resolution is greater or equal 300 dpi to meet the website requirements before pushing content to the website (handled via separate integration).

A field value of 20 in this condition mean value:20 and mode: equals. The Business Rule triggers this very moment e.g. check if amount sold is 100 to then e.g. apply discount flag. Number compare works for Geo Points but requires two conditions (number compare for lat; number compare for lon).

(lightbulb) Triggers when a number field value has the defined value. It can be useful to check prices, amounts of products sold, or users logged in (if tracked in number fields). 

Specific Definitions

Select the condition and provide the values. 







Details on accessing field values, specifically fieldpath starts lowercase

Supports JSON path syntax which you can test here:


Provide a number value, whole numbers or decimals to check against. 


Select the mode, which mirrors mathematical expressions. 

  • less than: < 20 means 0-19

  • less than equal: <= 20 means 0-20 (including 20)

  • equal: =20 means 20

  • greater than: > 20 means 21 and more

  • greater than equal: >= 20 means 20 and more (including 20)

Enum: "LessThan" "LessThanEqual" "Equal" "GreaterThanEqual" "GreaterThan"

Where 100 Products Sold?

	"kind": "NumberCompareCondition",
	"value": 20,
	"fieldPath": "products.amountSelled",
	"mode": "GreaterThanEqual"

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