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Adaptive Metadata

Adaptive Metadata means to focus on the information required for the specific content. If your content model defines that your basic information should always include the address, then where does your product category live?

You must define the lowest common denominator - like in mathematics but easier.  

What type of content will you manage?

Input 1: Corporate Identity

Input 2: Brands

Input 3: Products

What is required information per content?

Corporate Identity

Title, Copyright, Brand (Tagbox), Department (Tagbox)


Title, Copyright, Location (Tagbox), Date (Date)


Title, Copyright, Product Family (Tagbox)

Easy to see which "general information" each type of content requires and also the specific information per content type (the information that differs).

Content Item

Layer 1

Layer 2

General Information: Title, Copyright

Corporate Information:
Brand (Tagbox), Department (Tagbox)

General Information: Title, Copyright

Product Information: Family (Tagbox)

The Adaptive Metadata approach of Picturepark saves you from adding information not required for the content you currently work with. It also ensures data integrity as it reduces the number of fields left empty as you only request the required information.

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