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System Defaults

When you access your Picturepark for the first time, there are defaults already configured. Picturepark sets these defaults on the creation of your instance, based on definitions and subscription plan. You cannot change this inside your Picturepark. So whenever you lack the option to add something, check these defaults here. 

Please contact your Picturepark to overview your defaults, which are not yet available inside Picturepark. 

Subscription Plan Limits

Subscription Plan

You have chosen a standard, premium, or enterprise system with some limitations based on the requirements. You have the option to upgrade at any time. If you are not sure, you should check your contract. You find subscription plan details on the Picturepark website > Features > Pricing Plan.

  • Read-write users affect the number of users who can perform write operations in the system, defined via user roles and permission sets, which are limited.

  • Channels are the admin interface sections configured for specific use cases with specific user roles, content filters, and search filters.

  • Languages that affect available languages for adding translations to text fields. We recommend starting with the minimum required translations and adding additional ones when needed. We cannot change the default language set for the customer after creation.

  • Custom Schemas affect the possibility of adding new lists, layers, virtual types, fieldset, or relationship schemas, which again are limited by the number of Content and List Items.

  • Search-indexed fields affect the index settings for fields used in lists, layers, virtual types, fieldsets, and relationship schemas.

  • API Keys, which affect the possibility of adding new API clients for your platform, are used to develop API integrations limited by the number of API Calls (Per Minute).

  • Picturepark Business Rules affect the possibility to add new business rules for automation tasks inside your platform.

  • Further subscription limits are not directly affecting the platform configuration but may affect daily operations like the number of content or list items.

Customer Settings

Customer Settings

Your Picturepark Content Platform comes with a set of default settings defined during the project. Picturepark sets them on creating your instance, and you cannot change them inside the platform.

  • The name of your Picturepark.

  • The URL of your Picturepark: {name}

  • The background image and accent color for the login screen.

  • The Logo is used in Picturepark. Picturepark requires 3 SVG (full logo, small, and name). Picturepark uses the full Logo on the login and share page and the name and small logos for the main menu and the logout screen.

  • The AI Tagging parameters for tagging with Clarifai. These include which pre-trained AI model to use from Clarifai, which format to use from Picturepark, and which lists to use for matching tags.

  • Picturepark can distribute Shares via CDN. Currently, Fastly is available for selection.

  • The Support Contact Email address, which we link to "Please contact support," e.g., if their account is under review (after successful requesting access).

  • The No-Reply Email the address used for sending out information from Picturepark, e.g., confirm your account after signup. This mail address does not allow responses. 

  • After deletion, the retention time for different entities after deletion, e.g., users, content items, list items, replaced originals. It defines how long the data is kept (on storage or in the database) in deletion through the interface. There is no trash/bin or undo in the Content Platform.

  • Backup procedures for your platform, e.g., backup path, enabling or disabling backup, reset backup after migrations.

  • System languages are available UI languages for a system. We currently offer English and German. You can only add a System language to the creation of a Picturepark.

  • Metadata languages are translations you want to use in Picturepark for text fields, names, or descriptions. You can add but not remove a metadata language by contacting

  • The default language is how Picturepark shall understand text when you haven't added proper translations. We cannot change the default language. 

  • The default user group where users are added after registration.

  • The default content permission set which Picturepark applies to all uploaded content. Picturepark suggests using dedicated Business Rules for permission set assignments instead of global configuration.

System Information

System Information

The System Information gives insight into your current version and the customer you are using. As you can use your very same account for multiple customers, the System Information helps to identify where you are currently working. Always include this information when you ask for assistance or support. Always check this version when looking for release notes, known issues, or API breaks. You find the same information in the Help of your Picturepark. 

The Settings section in your Picturepark lists the following system information:

  • Picturepark Version (Release)

  • Customer Id

  • Customer Alias

  • API host (for any postman requests or integrations)

  • Picturepark IDS URL (for setting up ADFS or Azure AD)

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