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User States (Approval Process)

There are various states associated with an Account. Picturepark accounts are always in one of the following states:



Required Action




User to confirm the signup

When a user has completed the signup form to request a new account, the account is created but not yet visible in Picturepark in the Users area. The account is in the Registered state. An email is sent to the requesting user to confirm it was he or she who requested the account. Once the user has confirmed the account and logged in at least once then users in the Administrators group will receive a notification and an email that a user has registered.



User to confirm the signup

When an administrator has invited a user to register for a new account he is in the UserInvited state. His account is visible in Picturepark. The administrator should make sure to already add the correct role to the user account before inviting or the user will not have access to any content.


Waiting for Review

Admin to review signup

When a user who has requested an account clicks the emailed confirmation link, the account is set to "Waiting for Review". The Picturepark administrator is notified that a new account is ready for consideration.

Accounts remain in this pending state until a system administrator responds to them.




The Picturepark administrator has approved the Account. The requesting user is notified via email that the Account is ready for use.




The Account has been deleted by a Picturepark administrator. If the deleted user is the owner of any content in the system, the administrator is asked to choose another user to inherit the ownership.



Unlock if desired. 

The user has been locked by an Administrator. In this case, the user will receive an email that they have been locked. The user will also receive an email should the administrator unlock them.

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