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Upload Files

You upload file-based content like documents, videos, images, and audio. 

  1. Drag and drop files or folders to Picturepark Content Platform for uploading. It does not need to be on a special menu. Wherever you are in Picturepark, drop your files and folders, and then the upload will start.

Uploading requires appropriate permissions. If you are not able to upload files or folders, contact your instance administrator.

👉 See the creation of File Type Items

Drag & Drop anywhere in the application to start uploading items.

When a file is uploaded or transferred into Picturepark, Picturepark chooses the most suitable File Type and provides a core set of fields (file metadata) to the newly created File item. You see entries in these fields under Extracted in each file item. You can open the Main menu > Schemas > File Types in Picturepark to see the various File Type definitions available.

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