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Templates are used for emails sent out from Picturepark e.g. a share or an invite to the system. Additionally, Pages like the Share Page are listed here. Templates are always available in both system languages (English and German). Share pages can also be translated into other metadata languages e.g. Spanish, French.

There are two types of templates available:

  1. Custom templates: which are slightly customized in color and text, e.g. customer logo changed.

  2. System templates: which are required by the system and contain Picturepark's default text and styles.

Create a Template

Create a Template

You can create new templates of various types.

  1. Open Settings > Templates

  2. Press Add

  3. Select the Template Type from the Dropdown

  4. Select

    1. default: one of the available system language

    2. for share pages additional metadata languages

  5. Provide a name

    1. Consider adding the language to it e.g. User Locked Mail (DE)

  6. Save (at the bottom)

Picturepark will prefer custom templates over system templates. When you create a new template for user lock Picturepark will use that instead of the system one.

Update a Template

Update a Template

When you edit a system template, e.g. by adding a custom logo, Picturepark will save your changes as a new custom template and use that.

  1. Open Settings > Templates

  2. Press edit in the toolbar

  3. Update the template name, the mail body (HTML and/or plain text)

  4. Save (at the bottom)

Edit or Update is basically overwriting the existing template, except for completely newly created share templates (share mail, share page).

Delete a Template

Delete a Template

You can only delete custom templates. When you delete your customized template the default version of the template is restored and available in system templates.

  1. Open Settings > Templates

  2. Select your custom template (no “system” flag)

  3. Press the remove icon with the tooltip “Revert to default”

Deletion of templates is restoring the system defaults. You cannot break any functionality when deleting a template.

There is no undo or revert back, deleted custom templates are gone.

For styling in mail templates, it is recommended to use CSS inline in style tags, see Gmail strips out the style section in the head tag, but for example, their mobile e-mail client keeps CSS in head tags. Find here some more CSS tricks for email templates:

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