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String contains condition

The String Contains Condition checks if a string (text, multiline text field) contains a specific value e.g. so users can easily check if a string (text, e.g. filename) contains parameters to use for auto tagging.

(lightbulb) The Business Rule will check if the string contains the specified value, then executes the action.


Existing Content Item with text in Metadata in Picturepark.  

  1. Open Settings

  2. Open Business Rules

  3. Add a new business rule

    1. Name: Check Title for Product Name

    2. Trigger: Update, Content, Main doc

    3. Condition: String Contains Condition

      Fieldpath: fileMetadata.filePath
      Values to match: ["ProductXYZ", "ProductABC"]
      Case sensitive: False
      Value to Store: "NewProductName" 
      Store in: variableForProductName
    4. Transformation: none

    5. Action:

      1. Enqueue Create Embed Action
        Embed Name: Product Key Visual
        Format ID: Preview (which format to use)
        Conversion string: (e.g. rotate90)
        Lock delivery options: true (select if users can manipulate the embed link parameters)
        Expiration date: variable or DateTime in ISO format (2022-10-10T10.00.00Z) with or without milliseconds
        Store URL in: optional variable, which can then be assigned via Assign Value Action, or assign layer with default value

Specific Definitions






JSON path to the field.


A list of string value that will be checked if at least one of them is contained in the string value identified by the FieldPath.


Optional value to be stored in the variable identified by StoreIn. It can be simple value or a complex object.


Decide if the StringContains condition should be processed case sensitive.


Optional variable name to store the ValueToStore in

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