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Status of Search Information (Indices)

The Status shows if the metadata, display pattern and all Content and List items are up-to-date. You must check the status after updating schemas and display pattern, which is indicated with a red badge in the main menu.

Status Changes

Status Changes

The Status information per schema appears when the search and filter information is outdated and required reindexing.

Implications of outdated indexes:

  • Searches against the search index will work correctly, but the performance is not the best. Re-indexing operations can speed up searches.

  • Searches cannot work correctly. A full re-indexing is needed.

The state is also represented via a badge on the Schemas menu Item in the main menu, which indicates if an update is required.

Picturepark does not require updated information, but search results may be wrong if the information is not up-to-date.

Create a Status

Create a Status

It is not possible to create a new index yourself. The index is part of the core development of Picturepark and, therefore, not configurable.

The corresponding status is mainly changed based on admin actions or edits: 

Check the Status

Check the Status

  1. Open schemas

  2. Check if the status panel is visible with red badges.

  3. Doubleclick to open

For the "Content and List Items," the following information is visible: 

  • state

  • contentOrLayerSchemaIds (which gives an overview of the affected Content Items, the ones which have the Schema applied)

  • listSchemaIds (which gives an overview of the affected List and always all its List Items)

  • fieldIdsToCleanup (which are the removed fields)

Update the Status

Update the Status

Such updates should be planned to be carried out outside of office hours to reduce the level of inconvenience for users. Do not trigger all updates at once (Content and List Items, Display Pattern, Search Index). The three updates all running concurrently results in long-running operations, and users may experience slow performance.

During the update, the user can still modify the schemas (Picturepark does not block additional modifications). Admins can update content or schemas while an update is in progress.

The update shall follow the order of display:

  1. Content and List Items

  2. Display Pattern

  3. Search Index

  1. Open schemas

  2. Find status

  3. Doubleclick to reindex

  4. Start the update with the corresponding button at the bottom

    1. "Update" for Content and List Items

    2. "Render" for Display Pattern

    3. "Reindex" for search indices

Delete a Status

Delete a Status

It is not possible to delete one of those status or index areas. The index is part of the core development of Picturepark and, therefore, not configurable.

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