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Search, Filter, Find - the result set

In Picturepark, you have 476 Content Items (videos, images, brochures, you name it).

  1. You open the channel “Product content.” You see 28 Content Items.

    1. The channel filters all corporate content inside this Picturepark for product content (channel filter).

  2. You search “Apple.” You see 6 Content Items.

    1. Picturepark searches through all searchable values (search index, indexed fields) and shows only apple content.

  3. You filter “Technical Product Sheet.” You see 2 items.

    1. Picturepark searches for the tag, get an ID, and filters all items in this list for this ID (Tagbox Filter).

  4. You press “Share.” You share only 2 items.

    1. Picturepark will only share the technical product sheets of apples in product content (aka your result set). The number next to the action indicates how many items you operate.

    2. If you select one of the two, you will only share the selected ones.

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