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Number Sequences

A number sequence is used for the creation of increasing customized identifiers for easier referencing of your content and is used in conjunction with a Business Rule. Click number sequence solution here for an example of how a number sequence is used in a Business Rule.

Specific Definitions



ID (required)

The unique identifier for this number sequence. Numbers and letters may be used.

Start number (required)

The integer from which the number sequence begins and increases from. Not including any letters or characters. Minus numbers are also valid.


A format such as PP-0000 or 0000 can be used or leave blank if you are only using integers eg. 1,2,3 etc.

  • Please note that for a number you will need a number field in Picturepark to write this number to and for a string such as PP-0000 you will require a text field.

  • When changing a number sequence be aware that this change will only apply to any future values and existing entries on Content Items will remain in place.

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