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Lookup Cache Transformation

The LookupCacheTransformation uses the input from transformations above to check against a named cache created based on a list of tags (a dictionary). Similar to TakeDictionaryValueTransformation with the difference that this lookup also works for data not directly assigned to the content. 


You must create the cache upfront to have it available in the Business Rules. The values match have an exact match e.g. "Picturepark" is not "Picture park", case sensitivity can be ignored but spaces and other characters are considered for matching the values. 

  • List Item Named Cache: Cache from all items in a List aka list of tags limited to a specific Key Field e.g. refId or limited to multiple fields (list of fields). 

  • Schema Tagbox Filter Lookup Named Cache: Cache from Layers

  • Inverse List Item Named Cache: Cache from List Items in a List based on one value Field e.g. get values from IPTC Subject "Pilot" "Aircraft" "Plane" and lookup those values to get the refIds back.

Specific Definitions





Named cache:

A selection of caches created from metadata fields or Lists. 

"transformations": [
	"kind": "LookupCacheTransformation",
	"namedCache": "OrganisationCache",
	"traceRefId": null

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