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Lists are lists of keywords or tags. Lists are primarily used to serve for tagging content.

A list is your controlled vocabulary, your taxonomy, used for tagging with multidimensional information. That means a list can only have tags with a name or tags that have further information, such as synonyms, translations, broader terms, narrower terms, etc.

A list in Picturepark can also be linked to other lists, enriching the tag as all information from linked lists travels with it. For example, a person named John Doe, who is tagged with the department Marketing, has all the additional information about the marketing department, such as goals, manager, and other team members.

In Pictureparks' three-column layout, you see the list and its list items. The sidebar is your editing area where you update the selected list item. Moreover, when you search through all lists, you can see the list items and their lists as clickable links.
All Lists Tree

All Lists Tree

  • Find all Lists as a tree on the left side.

  • Picturepark opens by default “All List Items”.

  • In the top-left area you see the list you selected in the tree.

(All) List Item Table

(All) List Item Table

  • All List Items as a table in the center area.

  • The toolbar to add, edit, delete, import, export list items.

  • The sorting menu to sort list items, and show or hide attributes.

    Views (Simple, Detailed) and Fields (for detailed view) and order of List Items.

  • In “All List Items” you see the list item (list display pattern of the list) and the link to its list.

    Simple List with List Item (List Display Pattern) and Link in “All List Items”.

Create List Items

Create List Items

  1. Press the + icon in the toolbar

  2. You now see the fields of the list.

  3. Add values.

You might want to create some more list items:

  1. Create one by one - switch on "Create more" - add one by one

  2. Excel Import

You can have two list items with the same name. Nevertheless, each List Item has its own unique ID, the _refId which you will refer to in Filters and searches.

Edit a List Item in the Sidebar

Edit a List Item in the Sidebar

  1. Click on a list item to see its attributes (fields and values) in the sidebar.

    1. The sidebar opens in edit mode already.

  2. Update attributes and save.

    1. Shortcuts are supported. (Windows: Ctrl + S)

Edit a List Item in the Detail View

Edit a List Item in the Detail View

  1. Double-click to open the list item in the detail view.

  2. Choose Edit (Windows: Ctrl + E) and update the attributes

  3. Press Save (Windows: Ctrl + S) to save your changes.

List Item References

List Item References

  1. Double-click to open the list item in the detail view.

  2. Open “References” in the tab menu on the right.

You see all Content and List Items where the selected List Item is added.

Delete a List Item

Delete a List Item

  1. Select the List Item in the List Item Table

    1. Click to select

    2. Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click to select multiple

  2. Choose to delete in the toolbar (trash bin)

When the list item is assigned to a Content Item Picturepark will inform you about the references. Deletion of the list item will remove the value from the Content Item, searches will not find it anymore.

Picturepark information about referenced items.

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