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Fastly (CDN) offers reliable, fast, and customizable options to deliver shared content from Content Platform. Fastly offers real-time observability, baked-in security, and programmatic control.

The CDN (Content Delivery Network)can be enabled per customer to distribute email shares and embeds via Fastly CDN. Both default caching time and serving stale content are also configurable per customer.

A Fastly-specific mechanism called Shielding increases the probability that stale and embedded content is served when Content Platform is unavailable (for maintenance or other issues). With Shielding enabled, the origin server receives all requests from one designated POP (point of presence) rather than from several POPs across the Fastly network.

Shielding provides the following benefits:

  • Improves cache hit ratio (CHR) - increases the probability of end-user requests resulting in a cache HIT.

  • Speeds up connections - reduces connection setup latency for MISS and PASS requests that must be served from the Content Platform API.

  • Reduced number of requests to the Content Platform API.

Please contact support if you need assistance with this feature.

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