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Enqueue Ownership Action

The Enqueue Transfer Ownership Action transfers the ownership of a Content Item to the configured user of Picturepark.

(lightbulb) The Business Rule will execute and if conditions are met the ownership is transferred.


Existing user in Picturepark.  

  1. Open Settings

  2. Open Business Rules

  3. Add a new business rule

    1. Name: All content ownership transferred to Marketing.

    2. Trigger: Create, Content, Main doc

    3. Condition: Content Schema Condition (no values, just empty)

    4. Transformation: none

    5. Action: Enqueue Transfer Ownership Action

      1. Select your desired target user


  • Content Item can only have one owner.

Specific Definitions

  1. Type ahead and select the notification to produce from the dropdown. You see the listed IDs of all available notifications. 






A selection of users in Picturepark. You can only select one owner for a Content Item.

All content ownership transferred to Marketing

	"kind": "BusinessRuleConfigurable",
	"condition": {
		"kind": "ContentSchemaCondition",
		"schemaId": null,
		"traceRefId": null,
		"names": {},
		"description": {}
	"transformationGroups": [],
	"actions": [
			"kind": "EnqueueTransferOwnershipAction",
			"transferUserId": "6288aec7e4de420995920812460ce91f",
			"traceRefId": null,
			"names": {
				"en": "Assign ownership for all new items to Marketing",
				"x-default": "Assign ownership for all new items to Marketing"
			"description": {}
	"id": "allContentOwnershipTransferredToMarketing",
	"triggerPoints": [
			"executionScope": "MainDoc",
			"documentType": "Content",
			"action": "Create"
	"isEnabled": true,
	"names": {
		"en": "All content ownership transferred to Marketing",
		"x-default": "All content ownership transferred to Marketing"
	"description": {},
	"enableTracing": false
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