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Enqueue Create Embed Action

The Enqueue Create Embed Action automatically create embeds for sharing content.  This is especially useful for integrations, e.g., a CMS requires an embed link for a specific content , and for marketing operations, e.g. so users can easily pick embed links for distribution of files in ads, social media or mailings.

(lightbulb) The Business Rule will execute, and the embed link is created if the Content Item is updated with the Publishing channel “Sales.”


Existing Content Item in Picturepark.  

  1. Open Settings

  2. Open Business Rules

  3. Add a new business rule

    1. Name: Embed link for sales content.

    2. Trigger: Update, Content, Main doc

    3. Condition: Field Value Changed Condition

      fieldpath: usageInformation.distributionChannel
      expected value: "Sales"
    4. Transformation: none

    5. Action:

      1. Enqueue Create Embed Action
        Embed Name: Sales Material for Mailings (Default is: “Embed_RuleId”)
        Format ID: Preview (which format to use)
        Conversion string: (e.g. rotate90)
        Lock delivery options: true (select if users can manipulate the embed link parameters)
        Expiration date: variable or DateTime in ISO format (2022-10-10T10.00.00Z) with or without milliseconds
        Store URL in: embedUrlVariable (optional variable, which can then be assigned via Assign Value Action, or assign layer with default value)

      2. Assign Value Action
        path: layerId
        Field ID: fieldId
        Value: “$embedUrlVariable$“
        Replace: true


  • Only one Format ID is possible per action. For embeds with multiple formats, you have to create multiple actions.

  • Embed are always created new, embeds are not updated.

  • The creation could be delayed due to the performance of the system, the action is enqueued, not directly executed.

Specific Definitions

  1. Type ahead and select the notification to produce from the dropdown. You see the listed IDs of all available notifications. 






string Nullable

Name of the embed. If empty, it will be automatically initialized with the 'Embed_{RuleId}'.


string Nullable

Optional description of the embed.

outputFormatId (required)

string non-empty

Output format of the content to be embedded.


string Nullable

Optional conversion to apply to the output.



Default: true

Indicates if the conversion is locked and therefore cannot be changed by the caller of the embed URI.


string Nullable

Optional date when embed expires and cannot be accessed anymore: It must be in ISO format, with or without milliseconds 'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss(.fffffff)K'.


string Nullable

Optional variable name to store in the url of the embed that will be created.

Sales Material gets Embed Link for Copy&Paste into Mailings

	"kind": "BusinessRuleConfigurable",
	"condition": {
		"kind": "FieldValueChangedCondition",
		"fieldPath": "usageInformation.distributionChannel",
		"expectedValue": "Sales",
		"traceRefId": null,
		"names": {},
		"description": {}
	"transformationGroups": [],
	"actions": [
			"kind": "EnqueueCreateEmbedAction",
			"embedName": "Mailing Embed Link for Sales Content",
			"embedDescription": null,
			"outputFormatId": "Preview",
			"conversionString": null,
			"lockDeliveryOptions": true,
			"expirationDate": null,
			"storeIn": "embedUrlVariable",
			"traceRefId": null,
			"names": {},
			"description": {}
			"kind": "AssignValueAction",
			"path": "usageInformation",
			"fieldId": "embedLink",
			"value": "$embedUrlVariable$",
			"replace": true,
			"traceRefId": null,
			"names": {},
			"description": {}
	"id": "niesenEmbedLink",
	"triggerPoints": [
			"executionScope": "MainDoc",
			"documentType": "Content",
			"action": "Update"
	"isEnabled": true,
	"names": {
		"en": "SalesEmbedLink",
		"x-default": "SalesEmbedLink"
	"description": {},
	"enableTracing": true

Select use cases: 

  • Simplify integrations into websites and portals by grabbing the automatically created embed link. 

  • Faster Integration into streaming platforms or CDN, automatically picking Picturepark embed links. 

  • Easy access to Picturepark content via automatically created embed links for partners or agencies. 

  • Efficient marketing campaigning by grabbing embed links for approved key visuals. 

  • Faster time to market for sales teams who quickly copy existing embed links for new product content made available to use in emails and messaging with potential clients. 

  • Rapid publication of embed links for hero shots for website and landing pages by website editors. 

  • Fast social media distribution by exporting keyword hashtags and target links into content planners.  

  • Automated embeds for product content published to dealers for use in dealer portals, landing pages, and email or other communication. 

  • Many more… 

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