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Display Pattern Types

Detail Pattern

Detail Display Pattern

The Detail Pattern displays summary information in Content Item Detail View and List Item Detail View.

The Detail Pattern is used for a summary or description shown below the preview (if available) for file and virtual items (1), as well as list items (2).

Download File Name

Download File Name

The Download File Name is used to construct the name of the downloaded items. These are only used for virtual and file items that can be downloaded. They are configurable for each file type and each virtual type.


  1. Title_WidthxHeight_ColorSpace_ColorProfile, resulting in Fruit-on-table_1024x765_RGB_AdobeRGB.jpg

  2. ProductName_ProductCategory_ProductCampaign, resulting in ContentPlatform_OnmichannelContentPlatform_BeyondDAM.mp4

  3. OriginalTitle_License_Source_Author, resulting in BerlinSkyline_CC0-Free-to-use_unsplashcom_Stefan-Widua.png

The download file name display pattern supports configuration for specific download formats, currently only available via API. This allows to treat the original differently for production processes where original files linked, e.g., in InDesign, must retain original filenames. Still, preview files for press usage may contain information about product categories and product campaigns. 

List pattern

List pattern

The List Pattern displays in list view mode of the Content Browser as a summary of Layer and Fieldsets in Content Item Detail View. It is used for tagbox suggestions in edit mode and as a title of the tagbox card view.

The list pattern shows information in the form of a list. It displays information in the list view mode of the Content Browser (1) for file and virtual items, in edit mode for tagbox suggestions (2), and as a summary for the layer (3) and fieldsets (4) in view mode of the content detail item.

Name pattern

Name pattern

The Name Pattern displays information in item detail view as a header and as titles below thumbnails in the Content Browser. It is used as the tagbox preview in view mode.

The name pattern is used to display the name (titles) of items in Picturepark, which is shown as title below the thumbnail (2) or next to the thumbnail (1), as the title of the detail item view (4) and the title of the tag in view mode (3). For tagbox filters using the refId, the name pattern is used to displaying and sorting the tagbox filter values (5). For layers, the name pattern can be defined to be re-used in the name pattern for a file or Virtual Type. The layer name pattern is not directly used for layer display.

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Thumbnail Pattern | Thumbnail (Overlay)

Thumbnail Pattern | Thumbnail (Overlay) Pattern for files

The Thumbnail Pattern constructs thumbnails for Virtual Types and the overlay on thumbnails for File Types and the tag preview in the cards.

The thumbnail pattern is used to create a thumbnail preview for items without rendered preview e.g. virtual types (1, 2) and list items (3). For file types, the thumbnail pattern is displayed as an overlay on the thumbnail (4).

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