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Deprecated Enqueue Tagging Action (AI Tagging)

The use of Clarifai is now deprecated in Content Platform. Instead, we support auto-tagging using Azure. For more information, see Enqueue Tagging Action (AI Tagging) using Azure .

The EnqueueTaggingAction allows to enqueue the auto-tagging. Editors can add the tagging model, language code (for tags to use), and match value (confidence value for tag prediction) to a Layer and by assigning the Layer to Content Items, Content Platform Business Rules extract the settings and send the items to Clarifai with the desired configuration. This way, editors can for example easily apply the celebrity layer for tagging or flag content that is deemed as possibly problematic and gets tagged with e.g. “pollution”, “nudity“ or “weapons”.

Clarifai supports different models, each specialized for different purposes such as

  • tagging celebrities

  • demographics

  • apparel and fashion

  • travel

  • or others.

A better-suited model increases the number of matches for tags. The models are listed here: Additionally, a custom model can use keyword lists to match company-specific or custom terms. Up until now, Content Platform used the general model for finding tags; as it is the best fit for general purposes, recognizing over 11,000 different concepts, including objects, themes, moods, and more, with outputs in 23 different languages.

Please note: customers will need to have and use their own Clarifai account when using
Clarifai auto-tagging.

Specific Definitions






Selection of one TaggingOptionsBase: 

  • SimulatedTaggingOptions, testing the Auto-Tagging with no AI in behind

  • ClarifaiTaggingOptions, using the Clarifai Tagging Service

Example Parameters for AI Tagging with Clarifai

"actions": [
		"kind": "EnqueueTaggingAction",
		"options": {
			"kind": "ClarifaiTaggingOptions",
			"model": "aaa03c23b3724a16a56b629203edc62c",
			"language": "en",
			"minimumValue": "0.8",
			"tagOutputFormatId": "Preview",
			"keywordLookupCacheName": "ControlledVocabularyCache",
			"taggingLayerId": "AutoTagging",
			"foundTagsFieldId": "matches",
			"missingKeywordsFieldId": "noMatches"
		"traceRefId": null

Example Parameters for Simulated Tagging

"actions": [
		"kind": "EnqueueTaggingAction",
		"options": {
			"kind": "SimulatedTaggingOptions",
			"tagOutputFormatId": "Preview",
			"keywordLookupCacheName": "test",
			"taggingLayerId": "BasicInformation",
			"foundTagsFieldId": "Matches",
			"missingKeywordsFieldId": "NoMatches",
			"numberOfKeywords": "10"
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