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Deployment information

Major Releases

Major updates to the Content Platform are typically rolled out on a quarterly basis. A major release is announced via the Release Notes. The initial rollout date and time is also announced on the Content Platform status page.

The release date marks the beginning of the rollout of the latest version to all customers:

  • Firstly, a new IDS version is released for all customers. Users already logged in can continue working uninterrupted during this phase. However, there can be a short period where new logins are temporarily unavailable. If you face this issue, please retry in a minute.

  • Secondly, customers’ instances are updated, moving them from the previous version to the latest version of the Content Platform.

    • The rollout occurs independently for each customer based on their configured maintenance schedule.

    • Each customer instance experiences individual downtime only during the transition from the previous to the latest version.

    • Once updated, the service becomes available again for all users. The updates of different customer instances do not impact each other.

Based on your billing address, you will be assigned to one of the following geographical locations:

  • America West (UTC-8)

  • America East (UTC-5)

  • Europe (UTC+1)

  • Asia (UTC+8)

  • Oceania (UTC+10)

Each group's instances will be updated at the following times in the specified timezone's time:

  • Monday to Friday 00:00 to 06:00 and 22:00 - 00:00

  • Saturday and Sunday throughout the day

The time periods above do not indicate the downtime of a customer instance, but only the period during which a short downtime will happen while upgrading an instance. As soon as the update is finished, all users will be able to work with the system again. If you have issues with these times contact your Key Account Manager.


The latest version of the CP .NET SDK has backward compatibility with the previous Content Platform version.

If you are using the .NET SDK in your integration, you can update it to use the new SDK before the new release is out.

Hotfix Releases

These are typically scheduled during Swiss working hours as needed, as they do not require any downtime and ensure the continued operability of the systems.

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