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Create Account

This information only applies to accounts managed in Picturepark. If your Picturepark uses federated authentication, like log in with your company account, you must have a working company account that only your company can give you. Try to log in to find out. 

The Picturepark Content Platform admin interface is not available without a login, so you must register first for the system you want to access on the login page of the corresponding Picturepark e.g.,

  1. Open URL in the browser

  2. Select Register (link in the panel footer)

  3. Fill out the form

  4. Provide the captcha correctly

  5. Submit your request

If an Administrator created your account already, you are invited and should have received an email asking you to register.

After requesting your new account, you receive an email asking you to confirm your account.

  1. Confirm your account registration.

  2. Login into Picturepark

If you have not received your confirmation link after signing up, you can click on the Resend confirmation link on the Sign-up page and enter the email you used for registering. The confirmation email will be resent. Please check your SPAM folder before doing this as your confirmation email may be there.
After registration and confirmation, the Picturepark user admin will get your request via mail.

  1. They can approve your request. Then you get an email saying your account is reviewed.

  2. They cannot deny but ignore your request. Then you will always see the "Account under review" message after login into Picturepark. You don’t get an email if your request is ignored.

Your organization's Picturepark administrator approves all account requests. Picturepark support ( ) can neither create nor approve your account.

Create a Strong Password

Your Picturepark Password must meet at least 3 out of the following four complexity rules

  • at least one uppercase character (A-Z)

  • at least one lowercase character (a-z)

  • at least one digit (0-9)

  • at least one unique character (punctuation) — do not forget to treat spaces as special characters too

As well as all these rules

  • at least ten characters

  • at most 128 characters

  • not more than two identical characters in a row (e.g., 111 not allowed)

Occasionally changing your password is a good idea for security reasons. You can reset your password on the login page. 

Picturepark stores all passwords encrypted using the sha256 algorithm.

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