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Users can comment on content and notify other users, e.g., by reviewing metadata before it is published or having questions about the content.

Users now can comment on (master) content and notify users, e.g., for reviewing metadata or the content before it becomes available or to request access to the original content item if no such permission was granted. The new commenting feature includes mentioning other users who then get notified in Picturepark directly and via e-mail. 

Important: For cross-department enterprise-wide collaboration, we recommend using Picturepark integrated into the collaborative tools of your choice, such as Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat. 

Common use cases 

  • I want to add a comment in the sense of a sticky note to an asset mentioning that "Ramon doesn't want me to use this image for advertising."

  • I want to add a comment to an asset mentioning a Picturepark user to inform her that the asset is outdated like @Kati: please remove this from any presentation.

  • Comments can be edited or removed anytime by the owner (the creator of the comment) or your system administrator. 

  • I can mention Content Items within the comments using the Content Item URL (from the browser bar) to inform users about better content: @Nicole: pls use ContentItemURI from now on.

  • I can mention list items within the comments using the list item URL (refId): @David: pls use ListItemURI1 and ListItemURI1 on social media. 


  • The Picturepark API allows you to create, edit and remove comments.

  • Comments are not available in Picturepark Business Rules.

  • Only active and reviewed Picturepark users with the permission “Manage comments” can be mentioned and notified.

  • When mentioning a Picturepark user, these will only be suggested when the commenting user has permission to “Manage users.” Still, if the correct email is entered, notifications will be sent nevertheless. This limitation will be addressed in a future release.

  • You can mention up to 20 users.

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