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Assign Tagbox Items Action

The AssignTagboxItemsAction assigns a specific tagbox item to the tagbox field specified e.g. update copyright holders with creators from Dublin Core. This requires the layer where the field is found to be assigned already, therefore combine with "AssignLayerAction" and/or "LayerAssignedCondition".

The Business Rules are not executed after one another. If one Business Rule assigns a Layer and another assigns the value, it can happen that this does not work as the Business Rule Engine may first try to assign the value when the layer is not yet assigned. 

The AssignValueAction could be used for tagbox values too, but only for single value tagboxes. The best practice recommendation is to use Assign Tagbox Items Action for tagboxes.

Specific Definitions






The path to the field which may be the LayerId.

Check the documentation for accessing fields for details


The ID of a tagbox field, the value should be inserted in.

Check the documentation for details on tagboxes.


A list of refIds of the items that should be assigned, either as list of refIds or as variable. 

"12345", "456789"

See details on refId for List Items. 


Indicates whether existing values should be replaced. Note: for multi fieldsets and relations, this setting controls, if the value is added to the already existing values or if the existing values shall be overwritten.

Assign Tags to a Layer from a Variable

"actions": [
		"kind": "AssignTagboxItemsAction",
		"path": "CopyrightInformation",
		"fieldId": "copyrightHolder",
		"refIds": "$myVariable$",
		"replace": true
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