The TakeArrayValueTransformation allows us to get the value from an array by providing the index (the position the value is stored) e.g. get the first value from array of assigned schemas. 

Arrays can be updated with values either at the next position (fill next value in position 2) or by updating the existing positions. Ensure you use the correct index.  Arrays start with 0, so 0 is the first position.

Check the JSON structure in the Display Pattern Editor to see the arrays: 

  • index: 0; value: ExifMetadata

  • index: 1; value: XmpMetadata

Specific Definitions






A string (that can also contain a variable) that represents the index position of the value inside the array.

More on an array. 

Return the First Array

"transformations": [
		"kind": "TakeArrayValueTransformation ",
		"index": "0",
		"traceRefId": null
	"storeIn": "firstAssignedLayer",
	"traceRefId": null