Roles are assigned to registered users and define what a user is in general allowed to do in the Content Platform. Bear in mind that the role permission "Manage Content" is not sufficient as the Role also needs to be permitted to apply Layer or create Virtual Items. The role permissions are global access privileges. 

Super Admins are always present. You cannot delete or change them. 

Create a Role

Create a Role

  1. Open Roles

  2. Press Add

  3. Provide Details

  4. Save

After the Creation of the Role

  1. Define User Rights

  2. Add the role to Permission Sets

  3. Add the role to a user

  4. Add the role to a channel

Access Role in User Search

Access Role in User Search

The Roles are saved in a field called: 


Therefore you can search for Roles in the menu Usersto find all users of a role. You cannot access roles in the Content Browser, but only Permission Sets



Exact Match


Has no Role assigned


Has Role assigned



Update a Role

Update a Role

  1. Open Roles

  2. Select your desired role

  3. Update role details

  4. Save

Delete a Role

Delete a Role

  1. Open the desired menu

  2. Look for the delete icon  

  3. Choose delete from the context menu or the toolbar in the browser or detail view

  4. Confirm your desire to delete. 

    References (assigned items) cannot be deleted. You must clean up the references first (e.g. remove from Tagbox, remove from items) 

Delete Users of a Role

Delete Users of a Role

You can only delete roles when no users are assigned. To find the affected users you can search for the users. 


Best Practice Role Setup

Best Practice Role Setup

A best practice role setup follows a certain naming convention, that allows a sort of grouping. This way new roles can be added easily. 

  • 10 Super Admin (mainly Picturepark support)

  • 20 Administrators

    • 21 Admins Germany

    • 22 Admins Switzerland

    • 23 Admins Austria

  • 30 Editors Schema

    • 31 Editors Germany

    • 32 Editors Switzerland

    • 33 Editors Austria

  • 40 Editors Content (Metadata)

    • 41 Editors Germany

    • 42 Editors Switzerland

    • 43 Editors Austria

  • 50 Reader Picturepark

    • 51 Reader Internal

    • 51 Reader Dealer

  • 60 Reader Portal

    • 61 Reader Pres