The Produce Notification Action produces a Picturepark toast notification when the Business Rule conditions are met, e.g., inform about new images, inform about new Content Items with approved copyright information, or recalled Content Items. 

(lightbulb) The Business Rule will execute and if conditions are met a notification toast is created. If the user is not logged in or does not see the notification (notification stays unread) Picturepark sends out a notification email based on the users' notification preferences.


Existing notification that the Business Rule will show as toast in Picturepark. 

  1. Open Settings

  2. Open Business Rules

  3. Switch to Notifications

Add a new notification.

  • ID is just for internal purposes. 

  • Title and Message will be visible in the toast and notification center. 

  • Create a collection of the found items - so your recipients can access the collection directly. Otherwise, the notification is more like an FYI. 


  • You cannot format text in notifications, but you can format the notification text send out via email in Settings > Templates. 

Specific Definitions

  1. Type ahead and select the notification to produce from the dropdown. You see the listed IDs of all available notifications. 






The IDs of the notification to produce (which Picturepark will show as toast). This needs to be created upfront.


An array of recipients, which can be: 

  • Users

  • All users of a role

  • Users with a specific right e.g. users who can share

  • Owners

You can add also a combination of the above e.g. user Sandy Soluce, All users of the role "Editors external" and owners. 

Add User Variables to Notification

You can use the following variables in a Business Rule Notification in the title and/or the message:

  • $$$$

  • $$triggeringUser.firstName$$

  • $$triggeringUser.lastName$$

  • $$triggeringUser.emailAddress$$

You add the variable, which will be replaced with the user who triggered (started) the business rule. You will then see the user information in the notification. In case a business rule is triggered through a schedule, the service user information is shown.

Variables of the user who started the business rule used in the message of the business rule notification.

Show a Notification in Picturepark to Owners, User Role A and User Role B

"actions": [
			"kind": "ProduceNotificationAction",
			"notificationId": "NewMaterialForResellers",
			"recipients": [
					"kind": "OwnerNotificationRecipient"
					"kind": "UserRoleNotificationRecipient",
					"userRoleId": "4cc30fbf5dd44d06bdfdb8a7d530f8ab"
					"kind": "UserRoleNotificationRecipient",
					"userRoleId": "5c302fdfc9234e49bb6ef5e997c6388e"
			"traceRefId": null