Picturepark relationship fields enable you to link related content manually together and curate hand-picked items. With our new dynamic relationship fields, you can now relate content dynamically based on search criteria - always up to date based on metadata. 

Language versions with technical product brochures, using tagbox with document version numbers.

The new field “Dynamic View” will show a small version of the content browser with all Content Items that are found based on the search criteria (filter) defined for the field. This greatly simplifies the management of versions, variations, or related content. You can now simply tag each such content item with a base set of metadata and have it automatically related together - without further manual actions.

Select use cases: 

  • Related product content: Show all content related to a product (identified by product code), such as product images, datasheets, manuals, and more.

  • Language versions: Show all translated documents with the same Document Title or print reference/document code.

  • Variations: Show all variations derived from a master content item to keep an overview when the mast becomes updated. 

  • And much more: Show all content with the same release number, associated with an event (based on the event title), or which is part of the same campaign. 

Additionally, users are prompted to decide if they also wish to download related content items (those via “Dynamic view field” or via pre-existing “Relationship field”) when downloading a content item that has such related items (e.g., a French-speaking user can select and download the French version when viewing the English master document). 

A download of French Language version